Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DC Life Magazine Introduces The Singer Songwriter Alison Carney

DC Life Magazine Introduces The Singer Songwriter Alison Carney

Sunday, August 08, 2010

DC Life Presents: WKYS DJ Big Daddy Iran & Donna Jones Interview Eugene ...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DC Life Magazine Awards Concrete Artisans

Monday, June 21, 2010

Facebook | Kel Haywood

Facebook Kel Haywood: "DC LIFE Magazine open call for contributing writers,photographers, guest editors, potential advertisers on Monday June 21st at Sutra Lounge 9pm until close. Come meet the editor and executive staff. Please email or call 703-786-0116 with any questions."

Friday, November 06, 2009


Mestizo Media Group, Inc. creates Viral Video Production, Distribution, and Marketing. If only one of your videos ever reaches the top of digg, YouTube or Google, you could potentially get thousands of in hits! Our video production team, can create HD and web-ready videos for you at a controlled cost. We can collaborate relatively small budgets to produce projects that catch the eye of millions of viewers! We specialize in online distribution, we link them to website, on video sharing sites, on YouTube, Google Video, even local TV. The idea is to maximize your budget by effectively reaching your niche' market.

Eugene Smith Interview Video

The economic way to link a professional video to your online image:
• We produce a Professional Video recording of your event
• Improve your static website and add professional video to your online Image
• Includes up to 2 hours of production work (video editing, script writing, etc.)

Cost: $249 – one-time fee payable in advance


You can be interviewed by Eugene Smith, or Eugene can do a product trial.
Office Location or wall backdrop
*Additional actors, scene locations, and other services, special effects and features can be added-on, see add-ons

Hi-Def Product Video

Embed High Quality video to your website:
• HD Video of your event, spokesperson, interview marketed in a creative way
• Visual Branding Options
• Two hours of studio time if necessary
• Marketed and released to press and video sharing sites
Perfect for:
• Making a great first impression to your website visitors
• Spicing up a text only website
• Adding professionalism to your online look
Details & Specifications:
• $799 – Payable ½ in advance, ½ upon completion and delivery

Actors Provided – By you or up to two affiliated actor/models
Scenes Locations Provided – Green Screen, Office Location, or Wall Backdrop or safe location that you provide. Within 30 miles of Washington, DC

Scripted Director's Cut Video

Scripted video with actors, location and n overall theme:
• HD Video of a scripted commercial or viral video or interview
• Branding Options and Multiple Cameras
• Actors, Set Locations and increased editing time
• Our creative staff will help improve your ideas by assisting int he creative process
• Online Distribution through Video Sharing Sites

•Air your video on DCLifeTV gaining exposure to thousands of local viewers.

Perfect for:
• Viral web-based campaigns, designed to send traffic to your website.
• Remove the competition, by showing your audience exactly who you are.
• Concentrate your online image, and deliver your message to a targeted online market.
Details and Specifications
• Includes up to 9 hours of total Filming Time (set or location)

• Includes up to 9 hours Total Production Work ( editing, special effects, scripting, etc.)

Actors Provided – You or up to two affiliated Actor/models

$1199 – Payable ½ in advance, ½ upon completion and delivery